Max Gitin

After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University, Max co-founded a transportation startup that he grew to 50 employees and a fleet of 25 vehicles, in just a few years. Running a ‘round the clock company for a decade, he learned a lot about management, integrative problem solving, and leadership. At the same time he was also a volunteer firefighter, achieving the officer rank of Lieutenant. This taught him to remain calm and communicate clearly, even in extremely stressful situations.

When his business was able to run smoothly without him at the helm, Max joined a national corporation where, as an Auditor, he traveled around the country. He has visited around 40 states — so far. A serious family matter demanded some attention and forced him to leave this job. After taking some much needed time with family, Max used those travel points, that he earned traveling the country for work, to see the world for fun! He has been to every continent on Earth! :)

Coming back to the US, Max lived in Philadelphia and New York City before discovering Tulsa. He took a job with an oil company here and fell in love with the city. In fact, he thinks other big-city folks would love it here too! Tulsa has all the amenities of a big city, but none of the hustle and bustle. So Max became a REALTOR to help intentionally grow this amazing community. In his spare time, Max is an artist and volunteers with a local hospice, and business advisory organizations.

Max loves to check out the unique architecture all around Tulsa.
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